Property Valuations

David Hammond is a Chartered Surveyor and RICS registered Valuer.  C R Child LLP is able to provide specialist valuations for Lease Extensions as well as Collective Enfranchisement. 

Leasehold apartments, by their very nature, are a depreciating asset. If the lease length falls below eighty years, this may potentially have an impact on the saleability of your home.  Furthermore, it will certainly affect the premium paid for your Lease Extension.  We are able to provide advice and guidance along with the necessary valuation calculations for the correct premium to be paid to extend your Lease. 

David has attained an enviable reputation for successfully negotiating Lease Extension premiums and securing favourable terms for Collective Enfranchisement.

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Property Valuations

Free Consultations

We offer a free initial consultation for all of our Professional Services whether it be a Lease Extension, formation of an RTM Company or Collective Enfranchisement. 

Collective Enfranchisement


We are qualified to calculate the value of the premium that should be paid to acquire your freehold (Collective Enfranchisement).

In addition, as an alternative, we can advise on processes to form a Right to Manage Company. 

Leaseholders, as a group, may be able to purchase the freehold under the legislation of the Leasehold Reform Housing & Urban Development Act 1993.  Buying the freehold offers leaseholders a number of advantages, the main being:

  1. They can grant new Leases to extend the length of the lease term.
  2. New Leases can be utilised to regularise any anomalies in the current Leases.
  3. It provides Leaseholders with absolute control of the management of the building, thereby ending any involvement of the freeholder.

However, there are a number of qualifications for this to occur, the primary consideration being that at least 50% qualifying tenants participate.  The procedure is complex and the correct legal notices need to be served upon the Landlord and therefore specialist legal and valuation advice is paramount to the success of the transaction. 

C R Child LLP works with a number of legal specialists and are able to provide a turnkey project from start to finish providing valuable valuation advice through to successful completion of the transaction. 

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